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staying detached to results is so hard



One of the very basic teaching of Hindu religion & explained in religious text of bhagwad gita is so hard. It says do your karma whatever that maybe based on what you are doing, but then don't get attached to results. hardest  thing to achieve. our son recently gave important interview of his life. I really really want it to go in his favor. I understand at spiritual level that I should not get attached to his results, but I pray for positive outcome for him & all of us. hope you all too pray for our son too. :) I know I know I still  have lot to learn in this life.






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If you get to read this message from Fred King today please send me a comment back so I can see if I can post or even get back on stroke net site... I been locked out by not knowing how to get back on this site.... I have lost a lot of my brain control and memory..... Thanks Asha.... Fred King long time member here....

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