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such a blah day



some days I feel dumbest person on the earth, can't think anything straight at all. on those days I want to just sit & cry for my dumbness. any how if I have to focus on things I still can not do list is long sometimes don't see things right infront of me ok I should scan the area & then I do notice it, but if I need to list things wrong with me list is long

1. don't have any peripheral vision yes luckily its lower quadrant but feel like dummy when I miss things which is right there on the left side of my screen.

2. no use of left hand means can't do anything which person does it with two hands. yes I have adapted well in world living with two hands.  I am slowest typer, ofcourse with one hand I can accomplish almost everything with some or lot of frustration based on the day.

3. walk with weird ugly limp, yes though grateful to be able to walk

4. yes I enjoy my post stroke life but I do miss my dancing gracefully.

5. help in kitchen to do dishes


ok that's it whining about my troubles are not making me feel any better so I will quit






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We all have our blah days we need to remind ourselves to look for the Silver Lining during those times the best of Vice I've received in the last 3 years rather than focusing on what I can't do and all my losses focus on what I love to do and that I still can do that has led me to my volunteer work at the hospital because I've always helped people plus I love to talk poetry is always been a passion of mine I have followed your blog post for nearly two years now you are an amazing person you have an incredible mind you've always been so inspirational to me I know the challenges you talk about with the visual impairment sounds like I have the exact same thing mine is the left quadrant left left side of both my right and left eyes so life can be challenging I choose to laugh at myself when I bump into things quickly apologizing to people and most of very understanding stay strong my friend stay strong from what you've told me you have a wonderful husband and a great son celebrate the fact that you are here to be with them and support them anyway you can as best you can it may not be what it was before but it's still a beautiful thing be well I hope and pray someday we can actually meet


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Asha I hope the times you need to list the things you can't do are few and far between.  It's always disheartening to look at the "can'ts" in your life especially when you need to list them all at one time for someone, I do wonder if the people who create things like insurance forms realise how debilitating they are.

As Jay said look at the things you love but also look at what you can do.  When you have to list your "can'ts" balance them with a list (at least in your head) of your "cans".  Life was not perfect before your stroke, and it no less perfect now.  OK so I'll probably never make pretty cupcakes again but I can make a mean banana bread.


Just don't let one bad/blah day turn into a lifetime of them


You got this






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Thank god someone is honest that this is so hard and probably not changing getting better any time. It is refreshing. It shows what we endure and how strong we are.:hi:

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I agree with Heather that life is not perfect for any of us.  I do understand your frustrations though as I saw Ray got through similar problems many times.  I like to have a list of things to do on a blah day, if all else fails I watch an old sentimental movie and shed a tear or two. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you.  (((hugs)))

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