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life is full of challenges, you solve one another shows up while giving you blissful moments in between



As I am growing older life comes up with its own challenges every day, yes you do get blissful, happy moments in between, but it does feel like you are battling fires at so many places. I do have great kido & husband, but still out of nowhere kido comes up with this excellent business idea & he thinks that will make him successful & richer than mark zukerburg(facebook prodigy).  he thinks why study so much & work so hard for his medical degree while he has this golden opportunity in his hand to make it big, not realizing there r so many people who have failed in their new business venture, he does not understand even when trying to get things done from others, you should be able to understand fully & able to do yourself. anyway I know God is incharge & he will take care of all us. just wanted to vent. I just pray he makes right choices & do right things. we both believe there are no short cuts in life to make big money. you have to work hard in all field you chose to work in.






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Asha. You are so right and we need to celebrate those Blissful moments when they come along and soak up as much as we can to get through the next challenge I'm sure kiddo will make the right choices he's been raised by two wonderful people I have no worries about him and no worries about you either be strong mom have a great day


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oh yes youth!!!! it makes fools of us all.


tell him to discuss it with his peers. they respect them. plus others may have tried it. and failed.


Asha motherhood is so hard yet joyful. try relax and let kiddo grow in his own place. He will do his studies and see reality. Enjoy your free time each day do one hour just your time activity. It will fill your day with peace I think as it does mine.


Jay is so right on.

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