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This weekend was my family reunion. This one was harder than ever for it was the first year without both, if not one, of my grandparents. I was looking at my grandmother’s chair and imagining her sitting in it while my grandfather was next took hers, both drinking wine and it watching golf…. With the sound off. We never understand the sound off but who were we to question. 
  My family could sit around a couple of picnic tables…well maybe more for more little ones running around now. The thing was, both of my grandparents were only children so no aunts or uncles for my father and his siblings. My grandparents had two boys and two girls and from them they have had a total of eight children between them and now nine. ….I think. Even though we may not see all of them as much as I’d like, once I do it’s like no time has passed and we see each other regularly. Many of my cousins once lived in Philadelphia and that was fantastic but as everyone now has their own families and jobs, it’s more spread out not. I still have family in Pa but now Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida. That’s just on my father side. Immediate family that is. The wonderful thing is, we may be separated by distance but we are so close in love.




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Hi Kelli, I understand very well missing your grandparents.  It's so difficult to say goodbye to people who were important in your life.  


Where I live, we have an event every August that's called "Old Home Week".  I always skip the carnival part of it because of my motion sickness...I can't even look at the throw-you-around upside-down "amusement rides" without upchucking.  But a cousin's get-together at this time, so great!!  We only started this a couple of years ago, mainly because the only time we saw each other was at funerals.  These get-togethers to just laugh and enjoy their company are so much better.


Are you ready for your trip to Florida next month?  Hope your vision problems have lessened.  (And BTW, I can't get that picture of your son in a previous blog out of my mind....age doesn't blind me!  LOL)  :hug:

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