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Junk food diet is wrong?



Today was a great day, and to be honest, I don’t really comprehend it. I went to see my doctor who did my gastric sleeve surgery. The fact he came in and was very pleased made me feel better for I cheated BIG time on vacation. The only thing good about that is I can only eat so much before I get sick feelings.  My stomach really isn’t that big any more so that helps because those Cheeses were amazing... (Thanks mom.)
My parents drove my son and me to the doctors, for I still can’t drive because of my eyes, and I made sure to wear as little and light at possible.  I jumped on the scale (211.8 lbs. ) wow. When I had my surgery I was (229lbs) and before the surgery I was 252 lbs.  I am very happy I am losing the weight, no complaints, though the weight wasn’t my intended reason for this surgery. I’ve talked about this before that since my stroke, my brain and stomach don’t always “talk “so I would maybe eat one meal a day and hardly drink. My goal was to be “forced” to eat smaller meals. And it worked.  I know eat smaller meals and have to be cognitive of what goes into my mouth. He informed me that having this surgery for that procedure usually have a success rate of 30%-60% of extra fat that is on the body. I’m already above the 30% of lose only after almost 5 months. 
I do have to exercise more but until my eyes are more stable and allows me better balance I’ll stick with yoga.


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