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I can't..............



I know that I have been so excited for my eye surgery and I have to be patient but I have to admit I would have never done this if I knew how terrible it was going to make me feel. i have NEVER felt as sick as I do know..EVER. I had morning sickness ( what ex husband and parents told me) and they have collectively told me I was not that bad. I'm guessing because I wasn't a "Strokie" Well every time I look,move,eat,breathe I feel like I'm going to vomit. I hate to do that but I would rather vomit than feel like I'm on the edge all the time. I have to turn the air to almost freezing for everyone else because motion sickness can make you SWEAT I mean I spend 99% of my day and night in bed because If I move I feel sick. I feel so ad because my son is with me for the first half of summer and I can't get up nor drive for I really can't see and I'd spend most of the day on the side of the road hurling. When my mother drove us to vacation ( thank goodness for that) I couldn't see anything and when I would try I would feel horrible with a migraine and sick. I chalked it up to just being right after surgery but .. then it never stopped. The doctor said it is normal to feel this way but I was never informed I's feel this way for so long. I always keep a pink bucket next to me :sick:



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Kelli, I would think telling you of the possibility that you would be like this should have been included in what you were told prior to the operation. I'm sorry it has made life so difficult for you.  Are there no solutions to the problem or has the specialist any suggestions?  I haven't had much dealing with morning sickness except for pregnancy and only had vertigo when one of my doctors gave me a birth control pill that disagreed with me. I dealt with that by changing the brand.  Maybe someone will come up with a solution, telling you "this is normal" really is not a solution at all.

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Kelli :


Its going to get better, give your brain & eyes to get used to each other, brain is amazing organ & is full of plasticity, it will learn that new eyesight is right way of seeing & will adjust eventually. I know it has to be so hard in the mean time. read Mike Mays crashing through book on his recovery after blind man got his vision back & how is brain interpreted all that new information differently. I will pray for your speedy recovery & strength to get through this tough period, & when you feel all better, you will have to come with me  and drive to this beautiful  indian temple for granting my wishes of you seeing better.




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