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Where Did My Smile Go



My doc pointed out that I may put off people because I smile less often appropriately. At the time I heard this, I dismissed it like I do when I don't like what I hear...without smiling of course. But sometimes when someone is talking and grinning, I wonder: Should I be showing my teeth too?? I truly often feel like a Podperson. Who is this in my place?   When I no longer had

most possessions, my identity plunged and I used clothes, my art, minimal ways to feel like myself. Who is this sitting in a gown in a nursing home?  I wonder if I  keep asking what can I do about...blank...will an answer appear.


Horror week: I was told my friend that I had just bought a card for died,and another was on the hospital with pneumonia. 

But then a miracle:  I learned that my friend was alive and received my card and it meant alot to him.Some rumor here we were angry about and thankfully my friend went to see with her own eyes.


My other friend is back, clinging to life, but weak.


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Great topic for discussion I know it's about a year ago my smile was really a half a smile the stroke affected my left side and left side my mouth was never perky like the right side the one time a picture turned out very nice was when I received recognition for volunteer of the month and is there are taking my picture for the newsletter at the hospital somebody one of the offices yelled way to go Jay the photographer said looks like you have your own fan club which definitely made me smile a bright big happy smile both sides of my face it was fun it's probably just another one of those things that we all have to work on

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I seems to be one of those things where the automatic muscles still work but the voluntary ones don't. So if I'm smiling because I'm just smiling it looks pretty normal. But if I'm smiling because some wants me to the left side of my face doesn't really respond. maybe because when you try to smile you concentrate on the mouth, but when you just smile lots of other things happen (particularly around your eyes)


Pam I wouldn't worry about it, if you try to force it it will never look right so people will be just as "put off".  Try not to think about it and just let it happen.

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