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2018. A new year




This year makes the 10 the year since William's stroke.  He is declining.  I mean he sleeps more and gets more confused often.  Cognitive abilities are declining.  I have not been bringing him to the pool.  He just does not want to go.  I no longer bring him out to eat.  He just gets too confused.  He constantly tells me that he just does not understand.  He is getting more incontinent.  So, I do more laundry.  He usually lets me put him in the shower.  But that is a chore.  He hates it.  He usually will take his meds.  But some days he refuses.  I feed him healthy stuff.  But, he does not have that much of an appetite.  He does enjoy the dogs.

some days he will be alert and up.  But other days he just sleeps and then wants to be up all night.

Life goes on.  He seems content.





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This is the progress of the dementia caused by stroke plus ageing. You are doing the right thing Ruth by just letting nature take its course. It is a day by day journey now. You have done all you can.

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Thanks Sue.  I know that it is a day by day period now.  Right now he is fine and playing ping pong on the WII.  But, just before this he was very confused.

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My heart aches for you however ,as I said to Sandy, hearing this is goes to my point that caregivers/spouses often don't get the respect for having their own troubles with stroke.  Thank you for all you do and have done for William.  See the source image

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I am just reading your blog, have not been on the blogs. Was in England for five months, my Parents are still alive, but Mom is battling Alzheimer's. It is hard for caregivers, my Sister who lives with them is a Saint.  God Bless her, You ,and all the caregivers.  love, peace, and Joy



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