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New Year - new me



sad.gif I sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself... I'm really not. This year will be a lot different from last, h*ll I'm different from who I was last year. Last year at this time I was baking a spiral ham and making crab stuffed mushrooms for Connie's annual New Years Eve party. Connie was supposed to be my sister in law, until three years ago when my brother David died, she has since become one of my best friends. Connie's not having her party this year, she's in the process of getting a divorce, her husband of a year couldn't compete with the memories, and my stroke made Connie realize life is too short to settle for anything. My stroke changed things for a lot of people, I guess I should keep that in mind when I start to feel bad about how it's changed my life. So what, if I can't go out and party all night like I used to...who cares, if I'm watching the Rose Parade alone. It's still a new year, and the new me will face it on my terms. Stronger, wiser, a little bit differently abled but, none the less a survivor. I survived 2004 - 2005 better watch out, because this year I don't intend to survive, I intend to succeed. And it will be a much better year. smile.gif


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