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Birthday ambush



Well I finally have the Dragon software successfully added to my computer, which helps me with my posting for I have trouble getting my thoughts, no matter what size, from my brain to my fingertips .I wanted to make a blog entry for I am very excited for my mother and I are going to be traveling to North Carolina next week to make a surprise ambush on my sister for our birthday. She has two children, one of which is still in high school, who are bottomless pit. Basically meaning they eat everything and anything that’s in the house. My sister and brother-in-law have had a very difficult time since moving from New Jersey down to North Carolina for pay scale is so much different . We know that because of the cost of living in Truckinttdifferent. They’re very happy and I know that they both trying hard but at times they can have a bit of a situation with food when you have two garbage disposals living there. So after she called me very upset that all of the food that she bought was literally eaten within two days, for my nephew was home on spring break, in which he played video games and stuffed his mouth. Now this doesn’t come to any surprise for those that have teenagers or have had teenagers , I completely understand for I have one that has graciously passed it in one that is entering. I wanted to buy her a mini fridge, which I did, so she can store all of her food to ensure that she has some left at the end day. My father has purchased a lock, a key lock mind you, to ensure safety on her lunches.


My mother wanted to give her notice that we were coming down to which my father and I adamantly said no because what would an ambush be in a surprise visit you have forewarning. Now being twins, I am certain that her ‘Spidey sense’ has given her some question for I have not sent down a birthday card yet and she knows I’m always on time. I know that sometimes money can be very tight for that when it comes to family do what we need to do what we can.  I plan on stocking up her freezer and mini fridge for a present.  I have always shared that since my stroke, I truly never want a gift for any holiday or birthday for my gift is being here. Knowing I have my sisters back and she mine, is all the happiness I need.



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Such a sweet pic. You are a blessing to your family.


Teens are truly with us for only a short time. They want to fuel up more than before because boys grow most at the end of adolescence,including their brains. It looks like gluttony, but it really is needed extra nutrition, so perhaps finding community resources for food boxes,school lunches,or church assistance could help. Your generosity is amazing love for them, and will ensure they get the nutrition needed for their maximum development. I benefited from going online to find recipes that stretch the budget and feed a hungry crew. I kept a rice cooker going all the time during those years. BUt then they are off to college and buying a meal plan at the dorm.

My child also worked part time in the summer at restaurant and was able to eat a meal, and sometimes brought leftovers home.

It really is hard to afford food,which is a shame our kids could face hunger in our plentiful country. It also impacts anyone on fixed budget like disabled and elderly.  I am sure some of us relate. It is a blessing when families come together and help.



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I concur!! Happy Birthday and your gift will be a blessing. I understand not feeling the need for a gift and know I have been given a most valuable gift that so far has kept on giving. Isn't it so great though that you are here to make a difference in someone's life. For me it is such a blessing to be able to just be here to do these kinds of things for others. I truly get joy from this. Beautiful picture.

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Happy Birthday, hope you and your twin enjoy every minute of your time together. You are right, a little practical help is the best present. Hope you have/ had fun together. 

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