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New Adventures



I went to Cardiologist yesterday. First time the echocardiogram showed a problem. But my body has been swollen, still swelling, and I have a rash on my left good leg from swelling irritation, according to my dermatologist. So, now I am waiting to be scheduled for sleep study to check for sleep apnea and an appointment to have a stress test at nuclear medicine lab. My leg pain will make doing real physical exertion impossible. I often get short of breath, especially when upset, and all this time I thought it was panicking thing.

The pressure on one side of my heart is high. Don't you just love it when they say it could be from many things, and we now play rule out.  One thing is the gabba, lyrica caused swelling, but I need it so no one says stop it. My feet are numb from swelling. At last, after my squealing, they changed diuretics to for new drug trial.


I will need to get labs, which is not fun with my porcelain arms without veins. They get an ultrasound machine,spot one, three inches deep, and it rolled away, and they guy wants to jab around for it. My scream was heard in Nepal. They now hate me every time I go for my spinal. However, the lab folks could find my vein in a power outage blindfolded with only thumbs.


This is serious stuff, and scary. I felt like I was in Principal's office, while waiting then listening to cardio doc. She wanted me on the exam table, and here we go.....makes me wonder if they read the whole chart or just the referral email. Sorry, but stepping up on things like that little tray and climbing up on to this mattress that does not even have any handles, not one safety bar. And no sorry but I do not think holding on to your thin wobbly arm will make me feel safer. No I would rather not try, because my visualizations show me either over shooting and falling or having vertigo once I am successfully up there and falling off, or last not least, how am I going to get down using that pullout tin tray.  So I was examined in a chair.  But hey, not my problem because some offices there have exam tables I can walk over to and sit, keeping my feet on the ground. 


I do not want to do this or have this, says the woman who had a stroke. I want health restored. I want it the old fashioned way with a miracle.


Yeah, better early detection. But when they come over asking me to sign off on risks, I will hear myself telling me, lets wait and see, or my favorite...lets pretend it is positive,skip the test,treat. Ok just one morning right.And the other one I will sleep through.


Pleading for prayers.






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Prayers coming your way. So sorry your doctors don't "get" your disabilities. I found that with Ray too, I was always asked to help him stand, sit, climb up , hold still. I know that is what caregivers do but what happens to those who come without a caregiver?

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