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This blog is for you Sue



My dearest blogger,

I thank the stars that I may use words to reach out to others for support because otherwise I would be suffering in silence without the companionship of peers, brothers and sisters who have survived stroke, learned much,and can comfort me only by understanding. How blessed I am that someone out there cares enough to send a beacon out in the universe and then put a guide to read my innermost thoughts,my progress through my years of survival. And no matter what I write, venting dumb stuff, maybe confessions to myself, there is encouragement and acceptance with gentle words and I never feel alone. Thankfully, anything I write is given value by some one reading even when it is blabbering. Thank you for giving me a place to make sure others learn about what happened to me.....

 and I see other bloggers who validate similar experiences..

And healing from ranting, from gratefulness, from info and friendship. No judging,no fading away invisible.


It is hard to pour out my soul

It is hard to keep it bottled up

I thank the caregiver role models who show me  reality 

I thank all stroke survivors who bravely share stories, accounts of their life, and sharehope,pain,love. You show me what to do to survive, how to go on.

Blogging let me reveal what I am now, a stroke survivor, someone terrified and brave, because I can write out my life,me,and someone will see me, and it is ok. I was caged before I found support.


Thank you Sue, for continuing to be a super caregiver.


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Firstly, Sue you are truly a godsend for so many of people here. Your insight and your unconditional energy is a blessing to , not only me,  all of us.


Secondly, Pam

 you are my absolute hero. Reading about your journey with stroke and pain has helped me truly understand compassion, for not only in my life, for others that have to live with pain. Your real and honest words have been a window into something many people don't always understand. You ,and I know you get tired of hearing this, do give a real look for others to learn.   See the source image

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Thank you Keli, very much, and thank you for that cute poster.


I was moved to write because I saw the call to blog that Sue wrote, I thought about her reading them all, and really caring about each. I remember when there were a ton of blogs, so many stories, so much information, those were the days.

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