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So these past few weeks have been an adventure as well as Insightful.  My life 24 yr. old son broke his hip. How he broke it was just a simple as the perfect fall and perfect angle but luckily due to his age, his is going to heal very well. If he was older the surgeon said he would have had to have a total hip replacement. But all that aside, this trip taught me that no matter when push comes to shove I can make it. Now, it has taken me a few days of recovering, still am, but it was heartbreaking at the same time.

 I have problems with feeling a connection with   people, especially my children. My son is 24 going on 16, but aren’t most kids at that age, mainly boys. Lol.  I was hoping, in my mind that when I showed up, my son would have been so happy to see me. He was but understandingly he was in pain (saw in hospital) even still it was cold at best.  I think the hardest thing for him and me to understand is he wasn’t there for my recovery and as with most people that don’t know the struggles we had to go through to get to the way we are now is frustrating. He was frustrated with me for I couldn’t remember little things. It was a mess all the way around. Mind you, the last time I “knew” him he was 13. I guess I wanted that boy again.


But all is good with his hip. I flew round-trip, had rental car (loved that car) had a good time. Now time to regroup

( picture of my rental car... I want this for my next car)






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Kelli, don't know how long it took for me and my older son to get to understand each other, he is mid forties now and we are still working on it. Glad you're back home, you just did what you had to do, leave it at that.

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Sue, as I was reading that I was reminded that I went through a spell and now I'm in my mid 40's, my parents can't get rid of me :) 

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Smiles...I know my 21 year old and I don't always mix well. I'm not sure if we will ever gel well. I do understand your mom now not being able to get rid of you lol I bet my mom feels the same. I guess I'm glad we for the most part mesh.

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kelli :


In Bhagvad Gita (Indian spritual book), it teaches us we have to do our duties whatever role (Mom,wife,daughter,girlfriend)we are playing in life without any expectation or  attachment to results, just believe in doing right things, & believe God will make sure good things will happen in our life, I know I struggled lot after my stroke when it forced me to retire from the job & made me stay at home mom I realized I feel my self woth if I get appreciated for my work & being wife & mother is kinda thankless job, Only time gets gets pointed out to you when something  did not go right. I had my AHA moment  when I expressed my feelings of not feeling appreciated  by family members  for hard work I was putting in raising our son. our friend  told us, "do whatever you are doing as your offering to God without any thanks in return, your thank you will come when you see your children on right path & doing right things in life. I used to worry about  results before now I have realized as long as I do my job with good intention behind it, things will work out based on Gods plan for his life. & We all are here to learn & grow from this human experience.  Anyway in short do right things for your son & don't worry about how hetakes it or don't appreciate you.




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OM goodness. Asha, as with so any things you say, that is what I needed to hear. I often say after I attend service at the sangha I hear what I needed to hear when I needed it. Thank you for those words.. I feel better already.. honestly 

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Hi Keilli, Asha is so correct, do the right thing with love and things will work out. Me and my daughter have a strange relationship, yet when i had my Stroke, she was there, and make sure I was taken care of.   You did the right think, you got there, so he knows no matter what Mom will be there.  God bless him, and You.



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