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New Shoes and Swelling



I am so happy with new pretty shoes, athletic,supportive custom made orthotic,all paid for from diabetic medicare program


but I need to break them in,and my feet swell off and on


I wanted some pretty ones, I looked through catalogs, got what I liked, bought matching socks and tank tops


So I asked for help putting them on and the cna says why do you keep buying these shoes? ok,these were fitted,measured, but i swell, but i cannot wear slippers always


I go now to cardiologist again to address swelling

next week i go back to have fitting with shoes

prob is i get blisters sometimes when shoes loose

my feet are numb so i need to be careful

all this post stroke

meds made swelling, numbness

but I need for pain


I miss my Sandals


Bye guys

Pray for my happy feet

because I love these new shoes

I want a normal shoe

they said this is size,but maybe i need a wider one,seems like my size is right but foot is balloon


I expected her to like my new shoes, not complain about type of shoe


they said tie was ok just as flexible as velcro ones i had before


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My father who is diabetic and has COPD is finding himself in a similar situation. He is having shoes fitted for him but can't until he gets swelling down. They prescribed compression socks and for a week his legs looked like twigs with softballs at the ankle. He is having to wear these for 3 months before they will make his shoes but will probably always have to wear the socks. I hope this gets sorted out and you get to enjoy your new shoes Pam.

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I think a compression stocking is the answer, they can come in pretty colours too. I understand you longing for pretty shoes, I do too but can't wear some of mine with the stocking which is thick at the heel and not very flexible at the ankle. However I wore red shoes to church today and felt great.😍

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ohhh the socks!


I wore them in assorted sizes, but swelling comes and then they would hurt so much. And I cannot wear on my right leg,  so I have lopsided swelling.


So they wrapped my calf,ankle foot in an ace wrap. I would scream take it off please.

So they got me a Circaid velco wrap that can be adjusted. it helps a bit.

looks weird

does not get me in shoes.

boo hoo

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Can they give you a diuretic , however I'm sure you're on some anyway. Pretty shoes always make you feel so wonderful. I saw a little friend wear a pair of red & while polka dot Minnie Mouse shoes.. wish they made them in big friends size ;) Your doctor may also suggest lifestyle changes to prevent internal swelling. Some at-home measures you can take include avoiding salt, wearing support hose, or keeping your arms and legs above chest level when lying down.  Your doctor might also prescribe medication to relieve inflammation or swelling. Over-the-counter antihistamines can relieve itching and swelling caused by rashes or hives. Topical steroid medication may also be useful in easing skin inflammation. Consult with your doctor if these medications don’t help. You doctor may be able to prescribe a stronger antihistamine.https://www.healthline.com/symptom/swelling

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