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Gift of colored pencils



Today the activities director gave me a set from costco and she ordered 2 book from an author I adore. This is special since there are other pencils there to share. This is all mine. I feel grateful, happy, and loved. It is a miracle gift. I cannot wait for t*he books, especially since onc

e it was promised before, but budget excuse ruined it. Getting new pencils is a miracle to me, with a sharpener and canvas pouch.


Kindness rocks. I have to pay it forward too. I regift books I do not want that are sent to me.


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Little things mean a lot when they add value to your life. Paying it forward is the way to go, we all have something we can give. (((Hugs)))

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A perfect example of making the small things county. I'm so happy these pencils give you joy and enough to pay it forward. My grandmother who passed away last year at 97 loved her adult color books so much. She had a whole drawer of them and a container full of many kinds of color pencils. I can't tell you how many times I watched her sharing color time with so many of her great grandchildren. She colored every day and it brought her infinite joy. This brings back a great memory for me.

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