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My laugh for the day



I have been using the bus for about 4 years now.  There are a few places I go on a regular basis, I know generally when the bus should pass by.  Yesterday was very warm, okay hot by Michigan standards (90+ degrees F 35 degrees C.  I usually go to the bus stop about 5 minutes before I expect to see the bus.  Yesterday was the same routine.  I was hanging back in the shade.  I was day dreaming about getting home taking a cool shower and just relaxing.   looked up as the bus passed by, at the estimated time I thought it would go by.  Darn it, right on time.

Of course, I had a good laugh at my expense.    Given the choice of laughing or getting mad about the situation I put myself in. I chose laughter.  Who could I blame?  Only myself.  My day dream added 45 minutes to my trip home.  The best part of the delay, one of the bus drivers was playing real old Motown.  Early Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, just to name a few. 

I had to go south to go north.  Many do not understand, It is my reality and I don’t have an issue with it.


Remember, Without Laughter, there would be tears or anger,

Laughing is much more fun.  ;) 






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So good that you chose to laugh. We've all been there. You feel like a real duffer when it happens but as you say there's no point getting mad that just makes a hard day harder.

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