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having fun



Those of you who have enjoyed my poems in the monthly newsletter Stroke net. Will be happy to know I have compiled a book of several poems.

You know me as Jay Allen, a pen name I created while at University.  I was under the impression, I had to use my legal name for publication purposes.


My legally given name is John A. Yurgens.  Please take the opportunity to check it out.  The book is called "Survival:  Life after a stroke.  Poems of my journey."


I am almost done with another book "The journey continues"  I hope to have a late June or early July release date, I will keep everyone informed.


Be well stay strong.





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Jay :


congratulations, will check it out.I am glad you are having so much fun in doing what you love to do.






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Thank you,  Yvonne.  My poems are  written for all of us . 

My speech therapist said she was " happy that I could capture the raw emotions of stroke survival"

I think she likes me.   😂 



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