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I spent 5 days in hospital for cellulitis in my good left leg brought on by lymphedema and other swelling stuff.  They do not have oxymorphone in hospital so I took oxycontin. It did not work as well plus they did not wake me up around the clock for my meds even though the doc told the nurses. I suffered. But I got treatment. Then released to thehome. Only to find they discontinued all meds after 3 day absence. So think this would be easy to get its all back again? They did not order my meds and they ran out. And no one could fix the code the pharmacy needed except my doctor that was MIA.

Then all fixed by a traveling nurse who took charge.


So I have to heal. I hurt.

I have fluid  now congestive heart failure. I got through it. Healing


Pain management clinic is only for clinic time now.wow.

Last time the fellows were so nice but hey things change. 


I just ask for help.


Always CPS.

and I try to get rest.

I felt alone but then son is busy and ill. I was just me. I feel ill still but I enjoy painfree times. coloring.


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I'm glad you are healing and thankfully the med issue was corrected. I really hope you feel so much better soon. You enjoy the coloring :rolleyes: it is still something I love and it's good for you. Hugs!

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It is always such chaos when you go to the hospital, here too, and not having the right meds is typical. Sorry the home had messed it up too. Hopefully you will get the proper medication you need and be able to settle to a better life for a while.

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For unplanned hospital visits you expect a certain level of medication chaos. It's when you go in for a scheduled procedure and they won't let you have your meds even though you bought them in with you because "the doctor has not written it up yet" It makes me cross as, thankfully mine are not pain meds so it nuisance value only. You'd think they are more careful with pain meds as timing is so critical with those and you need to have them before you get breakthrough pain as it's so much harder to solve existing pain than to prevent it occuring.


Pam you got through this and you will again. I just wish you didn't have to suffer. But the world is full of silly people who can't or won't plan ahead.



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