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Lisa's Doctor Appt.



It went well. We met with her Rheumatologist today. All her blood stuff was in normal ranges and her liver looked good. Lisa has Lupus and we think that is what causes her stroke so we really have to watch her counts. Her doctor can not believe the amount of improvement she sees every 6 weeks. It's like night and day. Also, Lisa had an MRI on her brain last week and the doctor said it looked "stable" compared to the last on. So, her stroke hasn't progressed any. Great News!!! She's going in the right direction.


We had been shooting for coming home on Aug. 1, but we're kind of hedging on it. She still needs a lot of rehab and Lisa is going to get far more where she is now than at home. We are discussing Sept. 1 now. I mean, it costs us nothing where she is. I met the out-of-pocket for my insurance months ago. Why rush? I know she is dying to come home. Who wouldn't be after being in a hospital for 5 months? But, any professional help she can get is only going to benefit her in the long run. Plus, the house isn't ready yet. I am building a ramp on the front of our house, getting a stair lift installed, and need to get the bathroom ready. I haven't looked into home care yet while I am at work and in 2 months maybe I won't need that much.


As all you know, one thing I have learned from this is you can't plan for anything. What will Lisa condition be a month from now? Two months from now? PT is suggesting I buy a power chair for her, but she is starting to take small steps in therapy. Do I buy a power chair when she might not need it or become to accustomed to it? So many questions, so few answers. Oh well, we'll figure it out.


Have a great weekend!! Butch



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Butch, look into a rollator. I was told that it could be 18 months before I would be able to walk and I hated a walker. The wheels never turned. By the time I ordered the rollator I wanted (with 7" wheels) I didn't need it as much. I decided to keep it instead ofselling it 2nd hand because it was already paid for and you never know. I still occasionally take it "for a walk" when I'm real tired, But -about $250 is cheap when compared to a motorized chair.
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