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My back is killing me!!! I have never had any kind of back problems or a big gut in the front that sometimes causes back pain. But, it is really sore. I just hope that it's from sleeping funny and not from all the transfers I have been doing. Lisa had a funeral for her uncle yesterday and I had to get help to get her in the car. I stood there crying, one, because I couldn't do it alone, and, two, cause my damn back hurt so bad.


We have no plans to go anywhere until Sat., so I'll give it a good rest this week. That will take care of it.


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If it doesn't clear up go and see a back doctor. It could be an underlying problem that you've had and hasn't showed up until you started doing the transfers.


Also, pay attention on how you do the transfers. Make sure you're using your leg and shoulders and not you back.


Third, if all else fails, invest in a lift belt for yourself. This will make sure your back is kept straight to avoid future flairups.



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