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stepping out of comfort zone brings so much growth in life



I am the person who is afraid to make decisions for the fear of getting it wrong. Since I feel happy & my ego gets boosted when decision I made turned out to be beneficial for our family. So any big decisions when money is involved I put it on hubby, which is not good way of being strong independent woman. Its not that hubby doesn't make mistakes, he does too, but he never  makes it equate to him being failure. when hubby makes wrong decision, he has courage to stand behind that decision & make it right again, in some he looses but gains valuable experience & confidence, which I lack since I am afraid to make a mistake since I only want to hear how good I am & not you suck mom. Now slowly getting that confidence that any decisions made in life is good thing, either it will boost your confidence for doing things correctly first time or teach you valuable lesson in life. We all have to learn from our mistakes & grow from it. Sometimes things that scare us most are good teaching tools for us.




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It is hard to find the inner strength to 'get out there' sometimes but when you do, like you did, it is so fulfilling to know you are stronger than what you thought. We are often so worried to impress "them" that we can do everything. "Them" is , like you said, is our ego and that is a 'them' that can be so hard to silence them. We, whether we admit it or not, have always been judgmental towards other people that couldn't do a good job. I know I was always raised to 'do your best' but I always had a hard time in school, for ADD, I always wanted to do a good job the first time doing something so I allowed my ego to dictate my life. 


 Now, I know that there are  somethings I can't do again, like I once did, I don't let my ego ruin my life. I truly don't care what others think, honestly, for at the end of the day, I am the only one that lives my life. In my head, I truly think this how snarky this is, I have elevated myself higher above others. Not in a 'I'm the prima donna' or entitled but I see it as I've beat death and I know that all of these petty things don't matter at the end of the day.

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Kelli :


you nailed it. That's why I feel stroke was valuable teacher for me or us, which allowed us look beyond petty things. & grow spiritually & mentally how cool is that.





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