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My Christmas miracle



After hearing the radiologist insist I return immediately for a biopsy my gut reaction was of course THIS is not happening. I asked for a 2nd opinion. She returned and said the head of the dept. Of this prestigious teaching medical university hospital in So Cal_ said two areas of interest and one should be done immediately and the other area could be checked at next available appt. Wow. It sounded serious. They even scheduled and all before insurance pre auth!


I cried. In front of the student intern. I asked for a kleenex as I covered my face and silently unsuccessfully held back waterworks. I never cried when I was told I had a stroke. That came nonstop later. But the idea of csncer destroyed me. Shoot after losing everything in life do I seriously still need hair or boobs? 

And I hurt. The electrode trial was done. I needed RFA as I wait for the implant procedure. Yes I decided lickety split to just DO it. Relief is worth it.


So I went and the tech took another mamo on another machine I sat on. The doc came in and said the three disagreed with what they saw. Then she returned and said they could not find that area again! What?? Apparently it was some tissue mistaken she said.

I thanked Her for patiently answering curiiosity about the procedure. She apulil.

peared to happily talk about her work.  The intern was helpful because it was difficult  for my vestibular system to climb in the chair endure dizziness and then the kind doc could not find the thing! She said it was too small@! She did though and clip a flag so next time it would be know, it was checked.They showed it to me when we were done.  WHITE dot! The doc expected it to be B9 And in 2 days she called me and said it was!!

It was painless. They numb it up A tiny slit is made for the biopsy device and then steri strips are applied with bandage dressing. Mine bled and came off so nurse reapplied them. They lasted more than a few days but then fell off on oys own. A tiny pink scar remains that I strain to see if i should vicitg a topless beach.


I celebrate life this New Years.


I exchanged gifts with family and friends. I share with people here. 


I helping a woman get a free cell

Phone here. I  hope still)going on.opp09)

I must share.

I also wearing new shirt and navy blue nail polish and living stylish. Coloring with expensive pencils from amazon deals! 


Still pain. Endless. But life is more than it


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Pam :


so happy for you enjoy this miracle & make best out of every day given to us. laugh more, help out more be kind to every one including yourself is my motto this year.. happy new year




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Wow! That is a miracle. Not a cancerous spot just a little white one. So pleased for you. And helping a person to get a phone, passing on your good karma, you ROCK!!!!

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