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post traumetic growth or stress can occur after post traumetic event




As all of you aware by now I love watching Oprah's super soul sunday series on her OWN channel. I love listening spiritual awakening books or discussion, since I always learn something new from them even if its repeat. This Sunday was no different, when facebook COO sheryl Sandburg talking about her book lean in. Book she wrote after sudden death of her young husband while  exercising  on readmill  while family was vacationing in costa rica.  She talked about how post traumatic growth can also occur in person instead of stress after traumatic event happen  in person's life. I fully agree with that statement, but I also feel having  solid support system around them helps, she talked about how gratitude helps, I also feel having reason bigger than yourself also helps to pull yourself together, & given enough time has passed also helps. you can see how things finally have unfolded in your life & seeing everything fall into place again more beautifully, you can see that beautiful post traumatic growth she was talking about.  it was one of my AHA moment of Sunday.



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Yes. One of the reasons I blog is to look back on how far I have come. I  am looking at who I was and who I have become. It is like the growth rings on a tree reflecting the good years and the bad years. I can see that also in those other members of the blog community who have been blogging for a long time as you have ASHA. I can see that post traumatic growth in both of us.

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I know I do that. I find it the best way to see my strives and how far I have come. I also do that sorta by keeping a very detailed planner. My speech therapist spent many weeks helping me to build a habit. I can see where I made leaps of improvement and in more recent times overlooked improvement. It's all filled with good and bad. I am glad I have these.

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