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Still here, still surviving, sometimes by only a thread, but we're doing okay.   We finally sold the Scottsdale mobile home the end of December, and were able to get Gary's bathroom redone for a roll-in shower.   I put that job off way too long and was worried my back would not hold out much longer trying to get him in and out over that tub to shower him.   A $3200 job ended up costing nearly six grand by the time I fired first contractor and had to replace him with a handyman to finish the job.  Technically, I should have had him rip it all out and start over, but I really couldn't afford that and didn't have the time or patience to take the phony contractor to court for reimbursement.....I was lucky to get him to reimburse me $900 to pay the handyman, in order to get the job done.  We had the doorway between bedroom and bathroom widened to 36 in. so it is much easier getting through with wheelchair and I can roll Gary right up to grab bar in shower to pull himself up, turn and sit on his shower chair.   He's lost a lot of mobility and some cognitive ability through all this, but we make it work.  


It's been nice having my youngest sister and her husband in AZ again this winter doing the snowbird thing with their motor home.  They have been across the country and back over the past couple years with that new motor home, so are now planning on buying a house south of Tucson and moving down here by Fall.   This week they will be in AZ City, which is only about 25 min. away from us, so we will meet up a few times next week and they offered to sit with Gary if I need to get out while our caregiver, Carmen is on vacation to visit her son in Colorado.  I may take them up on the offer and go get some acupuncture in Casa Grande.  I've had those free coupon offers laying here on my computer desk for months, but never had the time or opportunity to use them.


Our daughter-in-law from Colorado was in the area for about 10 days in February for the grand opening of the new Ziggis Coffee in Chandler.  She's an area manager in Colorado and travels to the new openings to help with set up and grand opening.   Her original travel dates were pushed back by delay in opening, which turned out to be a good thing as she ended up being full time caregiver for our oldest son after his back surgery the end of December.   He had two surgeries for spinal stenosis.   I talked to him yesterday and he's very disappointed that progress is slow and he's still experiencing numbness all down left side from butt down to feet, and his right foot is numb.   He's been on short-term disability for over 3 months and should have been cleared to go back to work this month, but the pharmaceutical company he works for is closing their Colorado operations, so he no longer has a job.  He says he can't be on his feet more than an hour or two before his back spasms start and he has to sit again, so not sure if he'll even be able to work again.  Since his wife returned home to Colorado she has also been sick with some sort of infection related to her colitis....so not doing well.   Please keep them both in your prayers.   


I'm hoping to get a new computer in the next few weeks, then can start adding people back on facebook.   Had some problems with computer virus pop-ups, and lost a lot of contacts.  




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good to hear from you. I am glad your mobile home is sold & you got your bathroom remodeled to fit your needs. more we get our home tp work for our needs, its easier for every one involved.




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Welcome back Sarah, as I said  in my message I worry when people disappear from the Blog community. Glad you finally got the shower in too, much easier on your back and with summer coming a shower will be quicker and easier from now on.

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