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Spring is Sprung... When Life Gives You Lemons Pick a Pretty Bouquet



I can't believe April is here already. 🌷 Spring Fever has spun its' spell. Flowers are popping up to smile at the sun and trees are budding and flowering preparing to burst into life. I really like this time of year... It's a time of new and fresh... New beginnings and new adventures. The drab of winter is replaced over a few weeks with color, warmth, joyful beginnings, everyone is looking up to the sunshine even the flowers, inner hopes start to infuse many... A virtual treat for the senses. Most of us get a bite or two from the spring bug. Today, I ventured out and picked up a couple pairs of sandals for the coming warmer weather. Things are moving right along in my life. I was chosen to apply for THDA's voucher program to help with housing and guess what! I qualified! I have received my voucher to look for housing in my area that will WORK with THDA (Tennessee Housing Development Authority)... Basically section 8 help. I ran a little ad in our local buy, sale, trade so that I maybe could find something in my qualification range (which proved harder than I had expected). Guess what! A long time friend I have since 2nd grade reached out to me. He owns a real estate agency and he said he wanted to help me find a home. I was not expecting that and am over the moon thankful. Jimmy (my friend) has a duplex open that they are redoing. He said it would be about 3 weeks before I could see it they are gutting it and replacing everything. I have about 1 more week and I am sooooo excited. I have driven by several times in anticipation. Once I see it and want to try and get it he and I will fill out an intent to Rent from and the THDA comes and inspects it. Then using all the variables from rent to utilities to need to %'s of gross income they then will approve or disapprove... Many times if the values are close they will work with the THDA to gain approval. So I'm not holding my breath, I am allowing myself to get excited fully knowing that I do not know the outcome. I'm OK with that... I choose to believe that I can do this (fear of trying in my eyes is becoming more and more a path to failure... If I fall ill pick myself up, dust myself off, and try try again!!! I told God in a prayer that I am giving this to him. Trusting that no matter the outcome it will be right. I'm not scared or worried. I'll take it as it comes. Breathes in heavily, it's such a free feeling washing over me. I have started a list of things I want to do or have, how I want to do something, what kind of flowers I would love to gaze at, take care of. If not there then somewhere :). I will keep you posted on this new and exciting adventure... It's so fitting for the season!!! So question... What great advice can you share with me to make this adventure as exciting as it can be. It can be about anything

i.e. Flower choice, suggestions about what would be really enjoyed, a decor idea, a storage idea, a l've had a stroke and I have stroke brain idea, ANYTHING!! PRETTY PLEASE. 🤗🙏🤩🙋‍♀️👂🤞🏡🌷🏵️🌸🌻🌺


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For me colour is a big deal. If the wall colours are neutral find some cushions, curtains, bedcovers etc to give you colour. Flowers are a great idea but if you don't have a lot of time and energy pots are the go. I admit to having a hundred or more but a small group of pots with colourful flowers and greenery work well and are easy to deconstruct for winter. I hope you make a happy home for yourself wherever you go.

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I love cherryblosson, dafodils, tulips. I like peach color bedspread on our bed makes me happy every time I see it & I always make my bed , it makes me happy to have crisp bed with my pretty bedspread on it


my favorite season is spring too.




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Sue I have learned to love potted flowers! That is an excellent idea and renter friendly too. I love it because I can still play in the dirt and grow beautiful flowers all while being able to rest on a stool or chair. It's exhausting otherwise and because I no longer can squat it's safer. Bending over with my head down and lifting up and then back down a couple of times will send a very dizzy me to the ground! Down on the ground I'd be pretty safe but may have to make camp for lack of getting myself up again lol. I so much agree with you abiut color. I'm a pretty neutral lover but it's the pillows, the art on the wall, the throw on the couch end, the home decor scattered about, etc. That's where I love to throw in a pop of color. My pallette will include blush pink, a rich blue between royal and navy, and splashes of deep blue green ocean (think deep carribean). These intermixed with shades of gray and beige... Farmhouse aged white washed and weathered. 😂 I am doing some heavy day dreaming over here! 

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borrow a sewing machine and make yourself a colourful quilt either for the bed or your couch. I have a lovely one my Aunt made for me that lives in my recliner it's so comforting to snuggle under when watching tv at night, and it brightens up the room.  

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Guess what Heather? I have a sewing machine!!! A really good sewing machine!!! In storage right now and need to get it seviced but that is a great idea! :happy:

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I loved to sew!

I gave my overlocker and sewing machine to a lady who sews a lot for charity.


Looking forward to seeing a project Tracy, but remember, one thing one day at a time!

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Janelle I hear you loud and clear! You know sometimes I get too big for my britches and life has a way of bursting my seams. Always a price to pay. I'm getting better at being a penny pincher. I have my ideas in a book... I go back to my days of speech therapy (for me it was a lot of cognitive work). Start.... Finish. Choose another idea. Start... Finish. Choose another idea. 😊 It works... I don't always have my therapist's voice in my head but I work 100% better when I do. 

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UPDATE:  My friend Jimmy says the duplex is finished but he had to inspect it himself to see if all would pass THDA inspection for section 8 housing. He said 2 more things have to be worked on (he is very aware of what their inspection needs are) and to give him about a week and then i can come lokk at it and we can fill out the paperwork. The THDA paperwork can take up to 2 weeks to complete the process which includes their inspection. So 3-4 weeks!!!!!!!!! This news made me ugly cry lol. Feeling very blessed, excited, so thankful, emotional, happy, a bit impatient but i can wait 😀, a little scared but i am ready to face it!!!! Oh my goodness I am full of the feels!!!! :sneaking::yikes::terrified::happy::crazy::smile:

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Yes yes yes!!! I'm so very excited. I have felt a little self conscious of seeing my friend after so long. I was size 4 and hot lol, I didn't of course have my current issues... I don't want to break out stuttering in front of him. I sorta had a crush on him in elementary school. 🤭 My sister is a real estate agent too so I asked her to call and talk to Jim about the duplex. I didn't know but she told him my worries. Jimmy said "I can't believe she thinks that for a moment. I would never ever think less of her for anything.". I got all emotional once again lol. How can I ever thank him. His help means SO MUCH to me. Without him reaching out to me, I probably still would not have found anything yet. God has heard all the prayers!!! 

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God certainly did hear your prayers!


It wasn'tugly crying,  it was yay I'm getting some normality back in my life and I'm so excited crying!!

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Janelle lol I get emotional everytime I really think about any of it. This stroke has humbled me so much. I know what it is to truly be thankful. I don't know that I ever understood that as well as I do now. Oh shoot...here come the feels 🧥<------- I can't delete the coat 😐:tantrum:😭. I love everybody! 

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Super HUGS coming your way!!!  So good to hear that everything is falling into place at last. No one minds a happy weep, let it flow a bit.

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