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Back to cooler days - still awaiting news.



It is always hard to wave goodbye to Trevor and Alice. They live so far away and with all my medical woes I won't be going out to Broken Hill for a while. But we had a good week, no big dramas with Alice settling in.  Not as much  time together as usual as they went down to Sydney for two full days, one to Taronga Zoo and one to the Royal Easter Show where they met up with the cousins, Tori, Alex and Oliver. Alice is very close to Oliver who treats her as his little sister so she follows him around as much as she can.


We had a visit from Shirley, Chris and Naomi on Monday, Shirley said it was great as Alice really talked to her this time. We had lunch  out  and the day just flew by. Chris is doing Biomedical Science at University now. He wants to do research. When he was much younger after Ray had had yet another stroke he asked me: " Granma why can't the doctors fix Pa?"  I told him that we don't know all there is to know about stroke and he said: "When I grow up I will find out."  So maybe that is still in his subconscious mind.


No news on when I am having either operation. 2 - 3 months seems to be the normal waiting time for a hospital bed now. I am not worried as I am sure the surgery will be done eventually. I find that just going on with my regular routine is the best way for me to keep busy and not fuss. I got used to the one-day-at-a-time routine when I was a caregiver for Ray so it is not new to me. Unfortunately it does mean I can't do any forward planning but that is not new either.


The summer heat has gone now, we still have the occasional hot and humid day but they are not the average day. The days are quite pleasant now. I am in the middle of repotting plants and cleaning the gardens up for winter. I know that with either operation I won't be able to do heavy lifting so I will do as much as I can now. I am enjoying being outside more although now we are off daylight saving the days seem much shorter.  I am always glad when the humidity drops, it makes life much more enjoyable for me.


I have been to a couple of funerals in the past month. It is because all of the groups I belong to have members much older than me. I don't think that is a bad thing as some of them have mentored me over the years.  Some of them were my best supporters when I was looking after Ray. I have been in my Lions Club for twenty years in November so have watched the members I started with get older  and frailer, but that is life isn't it? I guess the younger members think the same about me.


I guess some of you have noticed I am no longer Hostsue, I am now swilkinson. I am still officially the Blog Moderator and still occasionally comment on posts so I am still involved. I still have a lot of people from this site on my Facebook page so I am still interested in what is going on in the lives of the wonderful friends I have made here.  And I still pray for those who ask for prayer. Thanks to all who  do the same for me.


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Sue it it a happy message to hear about how much you enjoyed your company. Thanks for letting us know. Also sounds like Chris has wonderful plans and aspirations for his future. I know you are so proud. 🙂 Keep us up to date about your coming surgeries and I send my blessings. BTW 😁 you will eternally be "HotSue" to me for it has just made home in my memory. Many (((hugs))). 

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Sue :


Thanks for update on your life, isnt life is wonderful in someways & you find reason to all your troubles when you see how Ray inspired his grandchild to go in research & f ind a cure for future generation, what a legacy. When our son decided to purse applying for medical college, it gave me huge solace knowing me going through all the pain due to stroke was not just for nothing, eve if it inspired our son to even think about it, its not gone to waste. & now I sit here & worry about him getting admitted into one of his college of choice & praying for him to become succesful dotor who can make a diffrence in people's lives.


All we can do is just take one day a a time, sick or healthy with so many uncertainities lfe throws at us. I am glad you are enjoying your garden right now. like Tracy for e you are always hostsue with her loquent blogs showed me journey og my caregiver who would not share his feelings he was going through while trying to hold our fort.




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Just discovered something new, a surgeon asks for you to be put on either a 30 day or a 90 day waiting list for an operation in a public hospital. It will be interesting to find out which one I'm put on for the aneurysm. They are sending me a heap of paperwork which I should get one day next week. I made the decision to have the  brain aneurysm operation because everyone I spoke to seems to have someone who didn't have the operation and had the stroke. I can't plan ahead now but have always lived day by day so will manage okay.

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Fingers crossed you are on the 30 day list.  You'll just get the call when you get to the top. of whichever list they put you on.  My last surgery they put me on the 30 day list because I'd had so many complications from the initial presentation and I got the call within 2 weeks. So fingers crossed and hugs for everything to turn out well.

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