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Daddy Has Second Chemo... Harsh Stuff



Yesterday my dad had his 2nd round of chemo (4 different kinds of chemo drugs). He was shaky and weak when he got home yesterday. At 5 this morning my stepmom wakes me up in a frenzy. Daddy had fallen in the restroom and she couldn't get him up and he didn't have the strength to help. Plus he went to the restroom without his oxygen so he was running out of air. It took us both 15 more minutes before we got him up on the shower stool my stepmom had grabbed out of the tub. He seemed OK, no broken bones, but a pretty nasty gash on his arm. We cleaned and bandaged him. I went and pulled out the walker he has yet to use but he did this time. He was in the bathroom so he basically fell and then peed all at the same time. Everything was wet, his clothes, the floor, the top of the potty and anything else nearby. My dad just there breathing in oxygen heavily (I brought him his Mobil oxygen machine)... All he kept saying was "I'm sorry". Which we quickly told him there was nothing at all to be sorry about. This is a harsh mix of poisons they are giving him every 3 weeks. It's hard to see my dad be affected so much. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs every prayer we can get. 🙏


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OMG Tracy your dad  & all of you will be in my prayers. you guys are doing great in making him  feel better. I know as a patient you feel so out of control when you don' have any control on your body movements. hope he feels better soon. you being there fr your mom & dad must be great relief for your parents.




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Thank you Asha. The nurse came later this morning and when I left 30 minutes ago he was in good spirits. I really appreciate your words. 

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fingers crossed he will now use the aids he's supposed to. It is harsh that he had to learn the hard way, but so long as he learns from it and no permanent damage was done!  It is so hard to lose control of a body that has always obeyed you (as we stroke people know all too well) The loss of dignity in the middle of the night is tough. I did something very similar when in hospital last year, he only had you and your mum to see the chaos, I had at least 6 nurses and a team of doctors come running. It's funny now but at the time was anything but.


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Ray used to do the same, just lose control of his body.  Often in the bathroom but sometimes on the way which  was a much bigger cleanup. I cleaned him up first and got him back to bed before I had my cry, more out of exhaustion than sadness. Once we had the twin beds it made life so much easier when an "accident"happened as I could roll him onto mine while I fixed up his. Well done in picking him up while retaining his dignity.

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