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The Chapter is Beginning




I have worked so hard, waited so long, dreamed so much, needed so much and I feel the page turning. I have such an overwhelming feeling that the page is turning, the Chapter is ending and a new one is beginning. I am full of anticipation, gratitude, excitement and fear. For the first time really... This chapter is about me. I can't explain my feelings... I am closing my eyes and letting each one wash over me. I feel it coming. It's overwhelming. For some reason even though I have fear I am not afraid. I know this sounds a little out there...but I feel it. Thank you Lord. I can't express this enough. 🙏


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I get you! you can see what's coming and you have done your risk analysis so while you have fear you are not afraid.  It's anticipation not dread.  All fingers and toes crossed that everything works the way you want it to.


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