Celebrating Gary's 72nd Birthday



Tomorrow, July 8th Gary will turn 72.......hard to believe that he almost didn't make it past his 56th birthday the year he had his stroke.  Sometimes I wish I remembered all the Doctors names who treated him at Swedish Medical Center in Denver, CO, especially the ones who said if he survived the initial brain swelling he likely would not live six months - shows how much they knew about the human spirit...lol     Tomorrow I will take him out to breakfast at his favorite casino, let him play the slot machines for a couple of hours, and he will likely nap the rest of the afternoon.   He still sleeps a good 15-18 hours a day.


On another note:   We've had a good couple of weeks with the news that our daughter-in-law came home from hospital after 26 days, and is continuing dialysis for the kidneys and physical therapy on an outpatient basis.   While she is now cancer free, she gave us quite a scare after the second surgery when she went into septic shock and the kidneys took a direct hit - she had acute kidney failure.  After they finally got the sepsis under control she went through at least 10 rounds of dialysis before they finally decided she could go home and continue with outpatient treatments.   She's still sleeping a lot, but doing a little better each day.   We so appreciated all the prayers as they do work miracles.






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wow :


Happy strokeanniversary to Gary, I know it can't be easy, but as a team you guys did pretty well. Surviving stroke this long term without family support is difficult task. I am glad your daughter in law is doing better now/, prayers do work




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Tell Gary he is catching up to me, we are both 72 now. Tell him "Happy Birthday" and give him a hug from me. Yes he is a true survivor! And you are the one who made it possible. Many (((hugs))) for you my friend.

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Happy Birthday Gary!!! Such inspiration! I am also so glad your daughter is home after such a difficult and scary time. Prayers for her continued recovery and for family strength. 🙏

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