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do have something to whine about aww my ankle



I do have happy blissful life, though God don't want me to be cocky so have to throw in some discomforts in my life just to test out  whether I have mastered my own spiritual mambo jumbo or not lol. Anyway I have not, I am still in work in progress, & I have to whine my sorrows & joys all here, on Weekend hubby & I gone out for walking in woods near our home, unfortunately there was big party in park & hubby had to park car in field & somehow I missed hole in the ground & twisted my ankle there, though I as able to catch myself & walk home without any pain, so did not think of much  of it, now today its hurting while even walking to bathroom. So I guess few days of icing & I should be back to normal. or whatever normal is, today I decided to use cane but have you ever walked with cane when you  have access to only one good hand, life becomes so complicated with  no hand


Anyways like I have learned in my all spiritual books I read & ponder about, I should try to see what lessons I am suppose to learn from this incident in my life.  my bhagwad geeta classes are going on good, though lot of time teacher spends in rhyming in difficult indian langauge(sanskrit)which I am not familiar with so goes above my head, but I love the discussion part which comes in when he is trying to explain meaning of each verse, thats where I get my AHAs, though it does go through lot of boring BLAHS  before AHA comes along, but hubby says when you are digging for diamonds in mine you got to go through lot of coal before you find your diamond, that is part of life, this is where I will develop my patience  & not giving up muscle. So I am going to follow advice of my spiritual guru my hubby & stick it out.





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I'm afraid he is correct Asha, the gold/diamonds are there but sometimes you have to keep sorting through muck to find them, it's worth the effort in the long run.

And oh yes the annoyance of using a cane/crutch when only one hand can be relied on. worst when it's raining and you just want to use an umbrella not struggle into a coat.  Fingers crossed (whenever I can spare them) that the ankle heals quickly.

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A lot of our life seems to be about learning those lessons ASHA. Hope your ankle heals quickly. Good when your hubby and your guru agree on something. Both men of wisdom.

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