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Press 1 for English, 2 for...



You know what I reallllllllly dislike. I know you dislike it too. Admit it. Dealing with those damn automated telephone menu systems.


"Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Serbian, 4 for Hindu, 5 for Eskimo."


"Enter your 25 digit account number and pray you don't misenter something and press the pound sign."


"The 17th digit was entered of your account number was entered incorrectly. You will now be redirected to the 17th circle of hell. Enter your 25 digit account number again and press the pound sign."


Damn!!!! angry.gif


Now is the pound key the key with the number thingy on it or the star on it???




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I have to agree with you totally. I have days when I finally get the response that I can leave a message after the beep, I want to ask them to call me back at my number and if I don't answer, push the KMA button. roflmao.gif



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I wish there was a KMA option. I think they should give the user the option to provide feedback at least. lol_2.gifbiggrin2.gifbiggrin.giflol_2.giflaugh.gif





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Pound is the # key


What I hate most is answering the phone and getting "Please hold for our next available operator". Huh? THey call me and aks me to hold before they'll speak?



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