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Is that the best you can do???



I was watching the news today about the horrible tragedy in London with the bombings. They were talking to a reporter and he had a very interesting and quite unexpected response.


Want to know what it was?


"Is that the best you can do???"


I do pass along my condolences to those who were affected by the attacks carried out by those cowards in London. The people killed and wounded did nothing to you.


Anyway, I am digressing again.


I guess I have one message for those who wish to do harm towards us.


Is that the best you can do???

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i had to think about that comment he made. i understand what he( the reporter) meant, BUT, to me it is almost a put down of the people and their familes who were killed or injured. then again.


IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO, also means to me....." look, you can kill a few innocent people, if you are so GOODand KNOW SO MUCH, and REALLY want to scare us, TAKE US ALL OUT expect for your pathetic cowardly bunch and see how well and how long you would survive without a world full of people.


i would enjoy sitting on a cloud watching those spineless, ignorant, pious few eek out an existance ALONE. since they are so good at hiding, let them figure out how to survive without rations. it would almost be worth it, i said ALMOST. then WE COULD ALL SAY........IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO????????????????? pompous asses.



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