I find the level of turmoil in the USA rather disturbing and it tends to affect my mood. So there's little I can do about that so I try and remember to enjoy each fay and that I almost left the planet.

Things are growing rapidly now and we are already eating produce from the hoop house. Our first tomato was harvested this week , we ate it separate from any other food. The flavor was intense after a winter of shop bought ones. Many green ones will soon ripen and follow. Gardening still takes it out of me and often challenges my balance but the headiness of old has all but disappeared. 

6 months ago I had written off gardening completely.

I still have moments of improvements, like mounting the other day I swung into my saddle more like old times and realized that my left leg was function like old and yesterday I stepped into a pair of pants without supporting myself on a wall, just balanced on eac leg in turn and stepped into them!

Of course writing this blog makes me review these little things which build steadily to a pretty full recovery.

I ride and garden each day weather allowing, which is most days now as we have some lovely mornings sunny and cool before it gets to hot. Were in the 90s now in the afternoon.

Im very regular on the treadmill at 3mph for 20 mins, but have been shying away from the weight scales. I should wear a mask more not for safety but to stop my snacking!




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Home grown tomatoes, ripened to perfection are so special. Congratulations both for the produce and your other achievements. It's terrific that you can stand up without support and put your pants on. Bravo!!!'

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kevin :


its so good to see your farming pictures & good to see your how your recovery coming along. BTW what flowers r these.




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Congrats on putting your pants on standing up I'm still working on that one 10 years post!  I might have to start wearing a mask that way too, I've acquired some very bad food habits again with being at home all the time. It would probably also help if I didn't buy the stuff I shouldn't eat!  I gave myself a food holiday for my birthday, now I need to get back to the straight and narrow.


I think your roses are old fashioned tea roses, but don't trust me on that.


Loving your blog, thanks for sharing,


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Yes congratulations for putting you pants on standing.  That always seems to be a challenge for many, including me :)

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