Its kind of sad when the most interesting topic of my week was applying for Medicare. I was covered by Deb ACA before but as she approached her 65th we have to convert over. One of the affects of getting older is that our health insurance just doubled! That seems a little crazy and even more so from some one who was brought up with Universal healthcare. Meanwhile our Blue Cross insurance still has not settled my bills form my stroke.  'Reduce your stress.' they tell me at Mayo then had me a bill for $208,000 because the insurance denied the claim because they air lifted me out of net work.  Well after nearly a year of claim review I got it down to $2,400. I made the decision that dealing with these guys every month was more stress than it was worth so I have decided to pay it myself but over the coming year at $200 per month which I can easily afford.

Medicare part a and B and drugs part D and supplemental insurance! Why is it so complicated? Just the people to administer this must drive the price up! 

Enough! This weeks improvement realization is that I lift my 28lb saddle up as easily as I used to. When I came back from rehab , my left arm was so week that I could just get it on my horse but would often knock his saddle blankets out of line. The other day I realized I could lift and suspend for a while above his back before descending squarely on his blankets.

Too windy today to ride, but have a good week of chilly but sunny morning to ride.

The tomatoes are coming on line typically 5 per day and increasing. First squash also and of course lots of greens. Doing a couple of hours a day pottering in the garden.

Arizona has a substantial increase in the rate of Corvid infections, so Deb and I are still maintaining a very strict isolation protocol. 

Days are Ride, Garden, treadmill and TV punctuated by zoom meetings with friends. They now sip into one another; almost forgot It was Wednesday!



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Oh yes the "joys" of applying for government assistance. Thank goodness most of the system here is universal care and quite easy, well for citizens at least.  I'm still fighting for my NDIS ( National Disability Insurance) participant status.  Request for review of decision submitted, and fingers crossed.  I hope you get a sensible answer from your Medicare.


The garden produce sounds great.  Also great to hear you are able to saddle your horse without assistance now. Keeping track of the days does get tricky in this sort of life.

Stay safe.


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The tomatoes look delicious. Perfect for a big organic chicken salad. I can almost taste them. My wife picked a nice basket of June bearing strawberries today. Day 2 of producing and they are starting to come quick. 1st year after about 3 they have produced like this. I also have 3 apple trees and 2 sweet cherry trees I have been showing some attention this spring since my wife is finally retired and I have the time. Medicare? How about this one. I stroked in Feb. 2015 3 months later and I would have been covered. Instead we battled and won the absurd medical bills they were sending us for different "services". Talk about not having any empathy they were on us like flies on you know what. 

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