Odd Jobs & toads. anniversary



So Wednesday around again so soon.! This week seems to be an odd job week. Which is in itself a good thing. These projects are quiet tiring as my stamina is far from what it used to me but I can balance, climb ladders (carefully ) and am dexterous enough again to handle power tools. Its also the anniversary of my stroke so its been a year. This time last year I was making a bucket list as I was not sure I would last much longer! I made Monument Valley & Carlsbad Caverns before the virus grounded me. Well onwards on day at a time.


Project 1; was due to Deb having to go to the Post Office so often for little parcels, so she purchased a larger mail box and then I had to install it.



Project 2; the solar system started overloading as the A/c kicks in ., but only in the hottest part of the day. So the system is mounted in a small shed , some 300 m away. So I fitted a wind turbine on the roof and put Styrofoam sheets of insulation on the wall and ceiling. The metal shed was very hot even at 9am this morning so hopefully it will help. Were hitting the mid 90s now.



I've never figured out why in the middle of a semi arid deserts we see toads I 'm surprised the AZ sun doesn't roast them.

Meanwhile getting in some riding and daily treadmill  for 20mins.



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We have cane toads in some parts of Australia but not here. I used to hear frogs in the swamp down the road but they covered the swamp with houses so no more frogs. They call that progress! You have had a busy week doing your odd jobs, keep up the good work.

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Had a large dead toad at the stop sign by our side street the other day ----so far nobody has "toad" him away!    lol




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