A year on.



A quiet week. Its been very windy so have passed the time more indoors. Arizona is having a major relapse with the Corona virus so we aren't going anywhere for a while. Perhaps even a long while! I was entertaining my self with planning a trip to the UK and Paris which we have been intending to take with Deb's parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary next June 2021. Then yesterday we heard the Americans won't be allowed to fly to Europe! At the rate we are going we could still have that problem next year!

My activity this week has been little beyond my usual 20 mins a day treadmill, so it hard to notice any improvement. So since we have just passed my stroke 1st anniversary I thought I'd give myself a reality check. My headiness (like beinga bit drunk) which was with me in rehab constantly has all but disappeared and is only around when I initiate a sudden move. My walking still takes a major effort both muscles and mental focus but most people don't notice any thing. I can even balance on my left (previously paralyzed) leg for several seconds Here is the pic from rehab when I could not walk at all, I hated this rig!!


So I need to keep  sense of relativity and gratitude. I 'm pretty lucky to be alive!! 

BTW title pic is me and my therapist in the pool at rehab a year ago.


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Kevin :


happy Anniversary, first year is the hardest then life gets much easier. you will see more things you try to do easier it gets wit some adaption & as time goes on faster you become. try to help out wherever you can inside or outside home so that you feel contributing member of the society.soon you will realize life post stroke is just different not good or bad its just different  still very fulfilling life.




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Looking back on anniversaries is a great way to see how far you have really come and give yourself motivation to continue.  Not surprised you hated that rig, but it did the job and you moved on.

Onward and upwards my friend, keep at it you want to be ready for that trip once we are allowed to fly again.

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Nothing lasts forever, this embargo on moving state to state or country to country will pass too. Congratulations on your stroke anniversary.

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Congratulations Kev! It's wonderful to follow your story and see how much you have improved, and how much you are now able to accomplish! Keep safe, and keep posting.  And thank you for taking the time to blog.

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