Mid July - a Tuesday Morning



So here I am, almost 2 years since my stroke.  I can't believe how much life has changed.  For the better. 

There is a saying that when one door closes, another door opens, and I have certainly experienced that in a big way.


My stroke was August 29, 2018.  And now, I have finally finished all the stages of grieving.  And the stroke to me is the equivalent of going for a hike, and tripping over a root. I now not only stopped laying on the ground with dirt all around me, I have stood up and I am continuing my hike. While I was laying the ground, I had a chance to see all the life teeming around me that I wasn't aware of.  In other words, I became more aware of my life, what I had, what I lost, and what I was afraid I wouldn't regain.


I can't begin to say how grateful I am for this site.  I don't think anything has helped me as much as being able to share my experiences with others who have gone through the same thing.  The rehab centre helped, but didn't pull me out of the hole I was in mentally.  Making friends with new people who really understood what life was like after stroke.  That's what made all the difference.  I wasn't alone in my feelings, my fears, my frustrations and grief.  I learned different ways of coping.  I learned the brain is amazing, that some recovery is possible.  That new experiences and learning new things is really exciting.  This is something I would have taken for granted before the stroke.


What amazed me the most was how much my art has improved.  The part of my brain that was damaged by the stroke made it impossible to pick up a paintbrush. To see with an artist's eye. To want to use colour again.  Then a friend on the chat suggested I use a app to do paint by number. My brain went crazy - I was in heaven, and wanted to paint again!  And I am .  A lot.  And it's more fun all the time.  I found a website in Germany that teaches a loose style of painting, and I love it! I joined the club, bought a one year membership. And there are lots of videos on painting.  In German.  German is my first language, although at age 62 I hardly have an opportunity to speak it.  After watching a few videos, my ability to understand it is coming back.  So here I am, painting, and relearning a language.


Would this have happened had I not had the stroke?


I doubt it.


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Wow Sue that is incredible! To paint as well as you do now, to have new ambitions, new ways of thinking. You certainly have come a long way from as you put it: "laying on the ground with dirt all around me". I am glad you enjoy the chat it has been wonderful for so many people especially in the sense of finding they are not alone. My Mum painted for many years but dementia took that from her. Looking back I wish I had encouraged her to go on whatever the results had been.


Thank you for this blog, you never know who will take inspiration from it and it may  change their life too.

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Hi Sue, another form of painting you might like to investigate is acrylic paint pouring. Results are abstract but it's a great fun way to play with colour and form. I went to a workshop on it a couple of years back and have found it to be great outlet for my creative urges. I make a huge mess as I do it without the use of my left hand, but I love the results.  The lady who led the workshop I took now does workshops online (via Zoom, I think) too. Love your watercolours, so glad you have found your way out of the hole this thing often drops us in.



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Sue :


welcome to one of the other hidden jewel of this site. I find blogging & chatting very therapeutic for my soul. Chatting makes you realize you are not alone & still normal with what you are going through in your life after stroke. I used blogging as my precognitive therapy where I would write positive ordinary things in my life which became important once I wrote it & did not become ordinary thing & you forget & take all these small joys of life for granted, & of-course you get huge support if you are feeling down so yo never feel alone again. once again welcome to our blog family. love your painting. you are very good painter.



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🤗 OH my goodness even German chit chat is giving me the feels! I am using Duolingo to try and learn Gaelic (a dying language but my maiden name is supposedly Gaelic so why not!). Sue the time we've spent in chat has just been completely a pleasure! I am so so happy you are climbing up the rabbit hole...its a tough climb but the view is breathtaking. Your artistic abilities have just blossomed over the past months and I have truly enjoyed your work! You have been and are such a positive influence for me. It was you that inspired me to pick up my paintbrush again after 30 years of not picking one up. I'm slow going but I've decided to really enjoy the process and take away any pressure. Your words remind me of my own thoughts and realizations after my stroke. I saw life with a whole new appreciation...the colors, the breeze, birds chirping, the smells, flowers, wind rustling through the trees. It was as though time slowed down and literally I could smell the roses. I have felt a kindred spirit with you in so many ways! I am blessed to call you friend! ❤️

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Oh Tracy, you brought tears to my eyes.  I am blessed to have met you.  And all of you on this site, what a gift!

As far as art goes, for me, it's the fun of putting colour to paper, and to see what happens.  If the result isn't what I wanted, no worries, I have learned something.  Gotta keep those little cells busy!!!

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Sue, that's so inspiring. 


I say to my kids all the time that all learning is good. 


I'll have to show you some of my daughter Carrah's work.


Her favourite medium is guaoche. I'm 100% sure I've spelt that wrong!



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