A big step forward!




Today is a big day.  On the 29th of this month, it has been 2 years since my stroke, and today I emailed my neurologist to ask permission to start driving again.  I am ready. Not for freeways, or highways, and that's okay. Just to be able to do little errands. It's a big step for me.  I have a professional instructor all lined up to assure me that I am still a safe driver. Onwards and upwards in my reclaiming my life!



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Happy Rebirthday!!!!!  You are right, two years IS a huge step forward. You are certainly taking the right steps by taking lessons again.  It may feel scary at first but after a a while, that feeling diminishes to exhilaration. Fingers crossed for the responding communication. Way to go!!!!:bravo:

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Sue, great news that you feel ready to drive again. The lessons and assessment process is a great idea. Something positive for a goal starting year three! And it will be so satisfying to be able to do those little drives by yourself.

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I am happy to report that my neurologist replied at 7:10am!!!

He wants to see me in person for an assessment, and said he will likely be able to clear me to drive.

So, there will hopefully be another update on September 9th.

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Sue :


great step in right direction, once you start driving you will feel so great  & you are going about doing that in right order, that's what I did & drove local till I needed to take kido to his activities, now I don't & don't even feel need to go anywhere, I am content in my daily routine. Also once you start celebrating your stroke anniversary I tell you, you will look forward to it in anticipation instead of dread.




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yep getting the car back is a huge step and feels wonderful. yes take it slow and get the lessons. Depending on where you live there may be legal requirements to getting back on the road too. Certainly here, I had to get sign off from doctor and optometrist and then convince a specialist driving OT that I was safe on the road to get my licence back (they are cancelled here once you have a brain injury). OT will also prescribe any necessary vehicle modifications.


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OMG Sue! I'm so excited for you! It was close to a year and a half before I attempted to drive (not by myself) and it was terrifying and NOT fun. But over time I gained confidence and learned to work with my defecits to overcome. It was AWESOME! It was freedom...us artistic people can usually elaborately describe things. I bet you can feel it! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! All my love. 


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The neurologist gave me a referral to the rehab centre.  And I am happy to report that I am now on the waitlist.  I will start at the beginning again, being assessed and then working with therapists to get me back out there!  

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One step at a time, that is good news. Never say no to a bit more therapy.  Especially if it takes you towards a freedom goal.

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