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you got to be whole when you are in any relationship- sage wisdom




Some of you who know me, I am heavy into uplifting books, inspiring biographies & oprah's Super soul sunday where she gets accomplished leaders, thinkers  which I have realized based on where I am in my own journey find great AHA moments to cliche lines.  Anyway enough of background  recently Oprah had Michelle Obama on her show talking about her "becoming" book great book, if any one wants to read & get inspired by how to be great mom or wife this book is quite inspiring.  One of interesting thing Michelle Obama mentioned while discussing about her book & things she learnt  about her & her marriage during counseling. I always equate people go through counseling when their marriage is in trouble, but what Michelle Obama said was eye opener, she was like she went to counseling thinking let 3rd party tell him what he is doing is wrong, but what she learned in that counseling is you got to be whole when you go in any relationship.  & that was big AHA for me, I realized I can't expect others to make me feel complete by appreciating me or by me making big fat paycheck. I got to learn to be WHOLE in the relationship be it spouse or mom or sister or daughter.  I know its life long process, but realizing you are whole  & enough you don't expect your spouse or family to say things to you to make you feel happy or enough. I know that was my major source of depression after stroke when I had to retire from work & raise the family who did not believe in saying thank you, it was more like where mom fell short, & also my mistake where if they praised I took it oh never mind that, that's my job anyway. So for me Michelle Obama was spot on  & I got to learn to be whole & comfortable in my own skin.




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So true ASHA, we also have to be whole to share ourselves with another. You can only give what you have. Learning to accept a compliment graciously has been hard for me because of my background too so I know where you are coming from with that. We are never too old or too busy to learn new things.

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