feel so grateful this thanksgiving




I feel so grateful to be still around in 2020 after going through some dark curve-ball of stroke in 2004, and still be around to enjoy the life with complete new outlook on life.

In 2020 I feel grateful to see all my friends and family safe and sound even though my sister & brother in law got covid but they recovered fully

grateful on my birthday hubby & I took day off & visited green lake state park in NY , which turned out to be fun & beautiful day trip

grateful  have found unconditional love right in my marriage which prods me to try & become like my hubby, feel blessed that accidentally married right guy which made going through life's joys & hurdles so easy.

so grateful kido ended up in right field which makes him excited about his life & future, & makes me feel grateful that my illness did not screw up his life

grateful able to celebrate our festival of light Diwali with beautiful decoration.

feel grateful for all abundance in our life

feel so grateful to have found right people, books, friends offline & online based on my needs at right time.

wish you all happy thanksgiving with your family  & your loved ones.


I don't know how to add more pictures in the blog so I have added my Diwali decoration I did this year in our life.






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ASHA, your blogs inspire me to be more grateful for my life both through the caregiving days and now. Your insights into the way life can be improved by being grateful for what we have is a good roadmap for me too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. Keep safe.

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I am glad you shared your gratefulness and joy.  Being new to the stroke network chat group, your kindness and compassion has helped me with my healing.  I am grateful to you and the wonderful people on our chat group.  You truly make a difference.

Thank you,



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