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I really do care.. honest




'I really do care honest' is what I say to my friends and family I do not talk to on a regular basis. I often feel that I am the one who is distancing myself from others because I can't make plans nor care to do what I once did ( i.e. dancing, going out to eat) for I get sensory overload quite easy. Now, I know that my family and my dearest friends understand I am not the same me after all of these years. 


Ok now I got that out of the way.


" I really do care honest" is what I say when I try to read ya'lls topics or blogs. I love the fact that you are find it helpful to blog and to share your insights. As I tell me friends and family, please don't take it personally that I don't share nor comment. I can't comprehend what I am reading not have much to comment on for my memory cycle is scattered, at best. 


Just a thought I had this morning...

charlie brown.jpg



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You, my lovely, are loved and valued, comments or not.


Thank you for having the guts to be open and honest with us. That says so much about your beautiful nature.



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Kelli, you are not obliged to comment on every blog that is why I am still here on Strokenet. My job is to encourage those who write about the life after stroke, to answer any questions, to 'listen' to the inner story. You do such amazing work helping to keep this site running that every comment you do make is treasured. (((Hugs))).

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