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Happy feet , happy heart




So after talking to my doctor about my Raynaud's and when he looked at my feet, after being in my thermal socks in a faux fur boots, my toes were already blue. So we're kinda thinking it's more stress related. Starting around July, I start wearing sock and slippers inside and warmer socks when temperatures change. We both were perplexed about my toes because , for most people and before it got worse, the pain only came when the blood returns, whether with clothing or in  warm water, and that is how it was for me::

Step 1. turns numb and white patches that look like a cadaver foot.
Step 2 & 3 blue or purple 
I'd soak in warm water and then the 'pins and needle' feeling would comes as they warm up..


But now I go from step 1 to 3 ( deep purple) and the two toes are in absolute pain. Pain to touch or anything touching it. The pain in unlike any pain I've felt before.

 I would run my tub , lukewarm only, and place my feet in there and when the blood and feelings would come back I would have the 'pins ad needle' feelings,  much like when your limb was 'sleep' and waking back up. 

 This time, yes I can still do that but just for two toes, one on each foot, are so painful I can't even put into words. Air, water or socks, basically anything touches or even 'thinks' it, is worse then it has ever been. 

Most people, and I was once one, it was uncomfortable but not extreme pain. This is nuts. I never had an issue ,with pain, nothing more than the usual. My father is mainly in his hands, my aunt is mostly feet and so on back in my family is varies. 


For Christmas, my mom would get me 'winter socks' that were more cute than what I needed. I tried for years to explain what I needed and until now she , thankfully, saw why I needed the thickest thermal socks available.   The problem is when I was married or at my parents house, I was not on the ground floor. Concrete under carpet. So that must explain it right? NO for I've lived here for over 6 years and never had this. 


Most information you read about Raynaud's talks about cold weather and stress. Cold weather is the biggest trigger and mine but also stress that happens all year and in all weather. 

It happened in the summer when I was trying to walk in hot sand and I was stressed over that for it was post stroke and unless I have a solid flooring, walking is so difficult. 

I was trying to walk and not fall and I started to panic.. I lost the feeling in my feet, numb, and I ended up with a 2nd degree blister under my foot. I don't walk on sand anymore for my father is the beach director , where I go, and he drives me ,or a one of his workers ,  to the location I want to be and I text him and he picks me up. 

 (( I'm very lucky to have such a super dad and I know it... I love him))

 We are going to try a low dose of Verapamil ( is compatible with my other medicines)  to see if that helps (Taken a night). I don't have high blood pressure and have to have weekly checks with my doctor to monitor my pressures unless I feel to light headed then I am to stop immediately. 
We are going to try this - and we will go from there.


I've crossed checked my medicine with this new one as well as my doctor and pharmacist. There is always a part of my brain that always worried that, 'Will my blood pressure fall so low I won't wake up because I take some strong sleeping medicines at night?'  I know my doctor would never allow anything to happen but you know...... fear.


So far it's been OK. My feet aren't cold , I've not stopped wearing heavy socks or slippers, and my side effects are mild. Nausea, constipation seem to be the biggest. 


And I've been experiencing something that I've not had in a long time.. hot flashes. I'm turning the heat down to almost 60° but I always have a sweater, hat, gloves ,blanket and scarf for when the temperature fluctuates . I just hope that my fans will be good for me in the  summer or else I will be giving my electric company a bonus.  I wish I could have solar but living in an HOA either we ALL agree or nothing.. 😞  




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fingers crossed for new med to continue to bring relief. Also note I don't have Raynauds, but post stroke the circulation in my left (affected side) foot is really funny, it now mimics mild Raynauds, My foot turns blue or purple if I don't wear socks or don't walk around enough. I also have constant problems with my toes. They are badly affected by spacticity and curling under, and often hurt a lot like they are bruised.


Anyway what I'm saying is that If something like what I get is happening to you on top of real Raynauds its going to be extra nasty.  Sending Hugs. I do hope your HOA eventually decides that Solar is worth the effort. If there are enough of you it should also be economic to have solar fed battery for after hours use too.



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Kelli, I hope this is the best option and your body gets used to it do the side effects disappear. I used to have chillblains as a small child. Very painful.

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I have Raynauds but it's milder a bit. Lucky for me I rarely have to go out in this Michigan winter weather. When I was 36 in Jan. 1987 I decided to try skiing to get a family activity going and we did it until I stroked in 2015. The skiing was the when I discovered what that numb hand and foot was called. It could happen in the summer if I was holding holding a cold beverage say but winter and skiing really were challenging. Mine I believe was circulatory. I was told to raise my arms above my shoulder height and rotate them in large circles and it actually worked. I would pay good money for a video of me riding on a chairlift flailing my arms like a helicopter.That must have looked interesting.

  Oh yeah April still gets hot flashes and like her older sister and figures they will continue the rest of her life.I hope the professionals get this figured out for you. 

Sincerely Willis 

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Wow! Kelli!

Even in winter, I don't wear shoes or even socks in the house. Barefoot all year and shoes if I go out. I own exactly one pair of shoes.


I cannot imagine what you must be going through!



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On 2/14/2021 at 1:45 AM, GreenQueen said:

Wow! Kelli!

Even in winter, I don't wear shoes or even socks in the house. Barefoot all year and shoes if I go out. I own exactly one pair of shoes.


I cannot imagine what you must be going through!



I wish I had days like that. But overall it’s not that bad. I’ve been dealing with this my entire life as well as members of my family for this is hereditary although within the past year it’s been rather difficult and painful. Your feet must be happy all the time to feel  the grass and the earth beneath you. ❤️🌎🦶🏼💚🇦🇺

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On 2/16/2021 at 11:16 AM, ksmith said:

. Your feet must be happy all the time to feel  the grass and the earth beneath you. ❤️🌎🦶🏼💚🇦🇺


And dirty! Don't forget the downside!! Does make it hard to keep my feet clean!

I just bought this thong thing that sticks to the bottom of the shower and has bristles for cleaning feet.

My bad foot spasms badly when I use it.

At least my good foot is clean!



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my OT has just ordered me a "toe washer" from the Ability store. It's a washer/sponge on a long stick, designed for cleaning between the toes while sitting or standing. will let you know how it goes once it arrives.  But dirty feet is easier to deal with than shoes a lot of the time 🙂

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That is a great idea Heather. One thing that the Doctor told me was it matters about keeping my feet warm but also dress like I'm in the artic. That is for even though your feet are warm and if you're wearing a short sleeve shirt despite socks and all, your body will still register for being cold.  And why was this year worse than others? No answer for it happens more in middle age women and COULD be hormones or because the sky is blue. I was assured that in warmer weather it normally gets batter, which it does, but I still have to be careful.  The 'blistering' on those toes are due to the constriction of the  Capillaries so they are breaking down.. SLOWLY but still . So I am bundling up, which I hate to be hot and am still taking the medicine. If those don't slow down the occurrences, the doctor recommended a Nitroglycerin cream to rub on them but other than that, there isn't much that can be done for it due to the drug interactions with other medicines.   

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