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survived surgery





I survived the surgery - I had a bit more trouble than anticipated with the anesthesia- have had  nausea even 2 weeks out. And some pain and aches as well . But it is what it is... and Dan has been nothing less then great. Family has helped as much as Ive asked and needed. I have caught up on a lot of TV all if it crap - but lol - it caters to a population. to each their own as the saying goes.... I went back to work last week on Monday ( 1 week after surgery ) just half days . By noon I was tired. I'll play this coming week by ear. My job is not physical more analytical. And my little criminal clients and I have a good working relationship. I just wish I didn't know them so well. Some I've known since they were young juveniles in the 90's -- so now Im dealing with them, their children and grandchildren. Crazy - most actually none of them are "bad" people - they just never had a chance or opportunity to be anything else. Stuck in a vicious life of crime, usually motivated by drugs. So I remain thankful to work and take care of Dan and have a good enough life to continue on its journey. NancyL 


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nancy :


I am glad surgery went well & Dan & family helped. It feels so sad hearing this young juveniles trapped in vicious cycle of broken family & drugs  & are not able to break the chain  of poverty & bad choices. recently watched amazing documentary 13th on youtube learned some history & realized how these politicians have used black lives previously it was for slavery & now putting them in prison for petty crimes




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The stuck in a life of crime echoes wth me from a previous time in my life. I think we who have sufficient can turn a blind eye to the suffering around us unless we have a compassionate heart. I am sure your clients do value your help even if they can't express that. Hope you heal quickly and can return to work soon.




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