A cyclone is headed straight for my town.


We are an extremely windy city normally, but I have to admit, I'm frightened. 




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Please be safe Janelle. These recent weather extremes of the past few years are very frightening. Praying for the safety of you and your loved ones. Please let us know when you are safe from this. Sincerely Willis

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Stay as calm as you can. I haven't been in a cyclone but had a strong wind destroy my cabin and back yard ten years ago so know that kind of feeling. Hope it weakens before it gets to you. Stay safe.

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Fingers and toes crossed it ends up weakening or bypasses you, at least you'll get some rain (probably). Hang in there and let us know once you're safe.

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Thank you. 

We are all very much looking forward to the rain aspect!

We've had side effects of cyclones, but haven't been hit since 1979. I was 7, and don't remember it at all!


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Janelle :


hope you are safe & sound & that cyclone just turned into heavy rain.please update us at your earliest. praying for your safety.





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Janelle may be without power and phone connection due to the very strong winds that area experienced so I am sure she will reply when she can.

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Sorry...thanks for your kind thoughts. 


Not having power was no fun. Very grateful though, all we lost was food.


Northampton and Kalbarri not so lucky.


Friends in Three Springs lost their shearing shed.


Unfortunately I'm on the Geraldton Noticeboard on Facebook.  One person might say, oh it's terrible having no power. They would be bombarded with negative comments about counting themselves lucky they still have a house etc.  I feel that having a stroke, and knowing that people are worse off, doesn't help. We all have individual crosses to bear, and the cyclone was no different. 


The government gave out money to assist.  The complaining people did about others being greedy.  Well we applied and received $400. We had to totally restock our fridge and freezer.


All the fighting and arguments left me quite depressed.


But we survived. 



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Janelle, glad you survived with little damage. Longest I have had power off was 36 hours. Lost the contents of the fridge that time. Good to have you back. Keep well and safe. Temporary 3 day restrictions here in NSW this weekend, I told my daughter we'll celebrate Mother's Day some other time.

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We are so lucky, I guess, not to have any lockdowns except for the very beginning of the pandemic. 


Glad you had mother's day eventually. 



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