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Not a typical day



Today I had the day off work, it was a local holiday. The sun was shining and it was hot 26/27oc. I mowed the lawn in the morning. Why in a house with three other males do I have to mow the lawn? Because I can, thats why!!


In the afternoon I went to a National Trust for Scotland property. I wanted to buy something for some Canadian relatives who are visting next week. They are the daughters of my FIL sister. So cousins to my husband. My aunt in law went to Canada after the war. Her husband to be was in the air force and was posted to Scotland. She decided to go back with him. Brave woman but they lived happily ever after. They live in Toronto and we visited them 4 yrs ago. They were very good to us. We tried to get my FIL and MIL to go out and visit them, but my FIL wouldnt go - its a long story. Then my FIL died. We were going to take my MIL out a year later, all booked ready to go then I had my stroke. 6 weeks before we were due to go. I was advised not to go, so brave MIL went on her own. The boys had to make do with a holiday in Morcambe that year- they have never forgiven me bigwink.gif

It will be lovely to see them again.

I took a friend out with me as she also had the day off . I wasnt really that friendly with her before I had my stroke but she has been really supportive since my stroke. So you lose some and you gain some.

She was very patient with me when I had bad aphasia. She said I reminded her of when she was living in Italy and trying to learn the language. She couldnt express herself as well as wanted as she didnt know the word. I suppose learning to speak again is a bit like learning a foreign language- but it is not foreign.


I am rambling I think I need to go to bed Neeeedsleeep.gifZzzz.gif



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Glad to hear you spent time with a mate. It does our self esteem good to get out and about and socialize with others.


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Yea Mary,

You blogged again!! It sounds like you have gained a good friend. Isn't it weird, how you find out true friendships, through a terrible event like stroke?


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