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kinda in a uproar



well i allready blogged once this am but i went back to site and was reading some of the post there was one that caught my eye it was the one on unusual behavior

now that post in itself kinda got me in a up roar simply because of my ex simply bashed me so bad made me feel and sound like an animal which i am not!!!

i am a peaceful happy loving free spirted soul happy as happy can be untill memories come up bout the bad things in a stroke or something flares my

temper which is very hard to do i might add my temper is very very mild

i just dont see y i should let it flare up it doesnt really serve a purpose

i mean its like this that is a useless emotion to me like hate

i dont hate anybody these are just useless emotions that we dont need i do get tiffy at times but not really angry simply cus i want let myself go that far

unless someone is messing with my kids or my lady then oh lord you better watch out im right there in firing range all armor on ready bring it on then lol


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