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just b happy



just be happy everyday but some people are just so misserable they think they gotta try to bring u down with you, u know these kind of people well like my ex for one she continously emails me even to this day cursing and fussing and putting down its just usless i mean wats the pointi mean its like some people arent happy unless theres drama that just dont cutt it with me im not a drama player i just want to b peacefull and happy which i am vey much now

i mean geeesh people do have a choice you know i just dont see why they cant atleasrt try to b nice no matter the given situation i wake i happy i eat i sleepy

she works i hapy she comes home i very very excitedly overwhelmed with happy

well its true umm ok i got a few things to do today like i gotta go pay my car insuranse pick up my meds clean a lil and try to figure out wat i wanna

surprise my gf with when she walks threw that door this afternoon

i try to do that daily just because i wanna and i love her very much


ok yall have a fantastic day!!!!

get up b somebody in the world today

make things happen b known!!!


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Stanley, I agree with you. But halfway through your blog the song "Don't worry, Be Happy" started. Now it is on continous play! I can't get it out of my head.



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I really Love your attitude to be Happy all the time.


As stroke survivors we should all try to have this attitude everyday.


Take Care

lorrainelm cloud9.gif

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you hit a MAJOR nail on the head. some people REALLY LIKE TO BE MISERABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't get it, i really don't. i ENJOY happy, i EMBRACE happy, i LOOK for reasons to be happy, even LIE about being happy sometimes so's not to "bring people down"!!!!!!!!!!



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