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Mold remover anyone? Kid's part 2



I am SO tired, I'm ready for bed at 6:30 - part of it's working 10 hours a day - part of it's the recovery process I'm going through.


I did not "kill" Ryan - but, I am seriously considering sending him to Jean for a week or two, to whip him into shape - I know she doesn't have children, but she has the strength, knowledge, values, and common sense that he needs!!


(I'm wiping out the mold from page 2, as we speak - virtual "Febreeze" if you will.)


Sometimes being a Mom is hard - - - being a Mom and being a survivor is more difficult.


Are you too easy on the kids, or do you expect too much? If you fall asleep before curfew, who's to say they got in late? Do you want to kiss them on a daily basis for just waking up whole and strong and sound? Or do you want to yell at them, -because there are clothes on the floor, the computer was left on all night, and there's no hot water left.


I want to be one of those reality tv mom's who trade places ... only to see if my judgement is limited after my stroke. Am I making the wrong decisions? Will they grow up to be "felons" because I didn't care enough - ?


Here's some "febreeze" while you consider the possibilitys... It will kill the moldy smell from page two ---










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Hey, Vicki, when Don was in his pre-stroke life the two of us could have taken Ryan on. He was great with whipping problem teenage boys into shape.


I've got a suggestion for you on the curfew problem. Take an extra alarm clock, put it in your bedroom and set it for Ryan's curfew time. If he can make it home in time to shut it off before it goes off, fine. If not you'll wake up to it and know he's missed the curfew. It worked in my day, but now a days the smart-assed---not that your son is---would probably turn off the alarm and go back out again.



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Jean's got a great idea but I can add a little idea to it but it will wake you up. I've got a watch that I use for timing walks n-stuff, has a alarm on it. It will wake you up and then you can see if he is still out or in bed going lala. That way you'd know and they can't touch it in the dark cause its on your wrist but again it would wake ya. I'll keep thinking.


I've got two teens and my DH is totally useless except for Sat nights. Friday he's recovering from the week and Sunday he needs his beauty sleep for monday...I feel like it all is pointing to me and I like to crawl in bed at 9 from my stroke and wake at 4:30-5 and I SURE don't want to meet them with me getting up and them just coming in to go to bed! I've got a couple years.....good luck




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