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KIDS!!! Angry venting!!



If you don't have kids - stop reading now - this is a mother venting!


I am livid!!!! I have never been so angry in my life!!!!


Ryan lied to me - for the first time (and what will certainly be his last time!) he didn't tell the truth. At 15, I should be prepared for little lies, and I am. . . But, this one was a whopper.


Ryan told us he had to stay at Tony's last night. They had to finish the English report they were working on for summer school. Tony's Mom would get them to school - (I should have been suspicious and called her when he mentioned she was making pancakes for Breakfast) I believed him and let him go. Ryan called at 9 pm to say goodnight. That was the last time I heard from him.


He never went to Tony's. At three yesterday afternoon he left with some older kids to go to a skate competition 6 hours from here. I found out because the English teacher called to say he didn't show up for class.


I spent the next 4 hours trying to track him down! I called everyone I could until I finally found a kid that was willing to tell the truth -( and the kid told only because I threated to tell his Mother that he had stolen a pack of cigarettes from me!)


Damn kids! Ryan is still 4 hours drive from here in Kankakee, Illinois but, he's on the way home. Once he gets here first I'll kiss him because I'll be so relived to see him - then I'm grounding him until he's 37 years old!!


He went to this street skate comp to make us money (- there was a $1,000.00 purse for the winner) and he didn't think his lie would be caught. And when he came home with $1,000.00 he thought I'd be too happy to be mad at him.


WRONG! What the hell was he thinking!!!


- The guys that took him to the competition are both over 18 - and right now, I'd like to charge them with everything from kidnapping to taking a juvenile over State lines. I intend to give them both whatever piece of my mind is left when they get here! but, I won't ruin thier lives by calling the police -


I can't believe my son did this to me! The anxiety, and fear I felt at first, when I first realized he was gone, is nothing compared to the anger I feel now.


His beautiful $400.00 "razors" - (his skates) - are mine for a least two weeks. And I've just locked him out of the computer. I wish he wasn't almost two feet taller than me - because this kid deserves a spanking!!! I'm not an advocate for violence but, Ryan needs a butt kicking right now!!!


I AM SO MAD! and I'm a Mom - so when he's fast asleep tonight, I'll look at his angel face and just Thank God he's home and he's safe.


Ok, I'm calmer now - Ryan should thank his lucky stars I have a Blog.






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Yes, he should be glad you have a blog!!

I only have a 5yr. old, and don't know anything, what it feels like to have an adolescent in the house. I am glad you blogged about parenting, b/c I tend to blog about it a lot.


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Boy, I remember those days. My kids or should I say my adult children are now 23 & 21. I sure do remember some of the things they pulled.


I also remember being mad as H---, ranting and raving and swore I was going to ground them, but when I finally faced them and knew they where alright I changed my tone.


It sounds like your son is very concerned and probably was really going to try to help but at the same time he needs to understand what could have happened to him.


I tried yelling but it only made them tune off to me. I found the best thing to do was to really sit down and talk to them. Even now as they are "adults" talking always gets me further.


Good Luck in however you choose to handle it.


I know this is why we Mothers go gray at a young age. lol_2.gif

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Hi Vicki,

I too have 15 yr old, so I know what your going through. Sorry i cant offer any advice because not sure what I would do in your situation. I try and talk to him, sometimes he is communicative other times not. At least he talks sometimes- my 16 yr never tells me anything.

Yes at the end of the day you are just glad they are home safe and sound. Maybe the guys who took him thought you knew?

Should I ask how Ryan got on.......did he win?

Good luck........kids dont you love 'em


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My son is 20, almost 21. There have been many times I'd like to take all his clothes so he couldn't leave the house. But talking to him has been the best approach.whoosh.gif

My husband keeps saying, "he's an adult now, he has to make his own decisions and learn the consequences himself?" That doesn't make me happy, I 'd like to lock son in the closet till he's 37, too.

To compound the situation, I watch a lot of forensic files type programs and these show how deep in sh*# a person can get. Son doesn't have a clue of possible consequences of his actions, but he's learning from his own 'school of hard knocks' he's designing. bop.gif

They just don't understand how we worry about them, this began shortly after conception..when we discovered we were pregnant. Of course, we want them to grow up to be independent adults but letting them stumble while learning to walk is difficult for us. We want to give them the benefit of our knowledge to help them avoid the same mistakes we made as teens, but they insist on making their own mistakes. angry.gif


There's some kind of saying that goes to the effect of hold them closely and with a loose hand....yada, yada, yada. Easier said than done.


This is part of our 'growing up' as parents....learning to let them make their own mistakes, I guess. happydance.gif

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