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something new?



let's see,it's been a while sence i last bloged .wha'ts been happening?.i got a new a/c,the old one died in the last heat snap,my dad got me a super industal fan(before i got the a/c,i passed my follow up apartment inspection,funny my landlady came marching in w/ her camera turned the corner to the kitchen,staghten her back& said WOW!,did you get help?no,noi did it all my self just got a few things& now i know what the stanard is i won't fail again i've been board nothing to do nowhere to go was thinking of going to N.Y. to catch a show,but thought myself out of it waste of money(i need a new t.v.)besides i could have just as much fun in portland mane &see a few friend there+i have a place to stay,it's not like the old days& leave on a whim jump in a car or van &go my shink would say i'm depressed,but i'm not,i just don't see thowing your self intoactivativitys you can nill aford just to be doing something? for my metal health?to proove toyourself your "alright" or "normal" pretand your in the rat raceyou'll feel better about your self?(iget that alot from the shink)....well i'm NOT "alright"& i'm NOT "normal",i'm young& disabled with very little to look forward to but being old&disabled,witch was very little to do w/ my self worth to my mind,but seamingly nobody elses,when i figure out a new "carere path i'll let you& every body else know,ops... a semi rant lol_2.gif sorry.i think i need to hit p-town& have a stedy diet of osters on the half shell& bloodymary chasers or more fine dining trips,i went out& spent 50$ on a meal it was wonderful! have to do it more often,since i'm eating for onehe,he,he...oh...well i think i'll turn on that a/c now

see ya's around the board/chat



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biggrin.gif Sam - you lucky dog! We don't even get oysters here in Wisconsin!! Our clam chowder comes from Campbells soup so, it's not real either!! Have a few oyster's for me - beer.gif



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You know Sam, I've got a thing I used to do and it can be set up as you like or are able. When I lived in the Miami area and was working and didn't cook, I ate at Burger King every day. ( They let you sit, read the paper, I used to do some of my paperwork, and I loved watching people. You can spend 1-2 hours and not be rushed.It was inexpensive and really not bad food if you chose the right thing and then on Saturday, I'd go to a buffet and eat everything---well, probably too much, but I'd get a bowl of brocolli (good for you) lots of cantaloupe (also good for you) Fruits and veggies aren't cheap and when there's only one person it's cheaper this way. A lot of the same people would go and would visit from table to table, And yes, there were many who used walkers etc.


But what I'm getting at is to eat well, but cheaply and then splurge every now and then. I'd keep my big splurges for holidays when I'd be alone, my birthday etc.


So enjpy the $50 splurge. Plan on doing it once a month or every other month. Sometimes we owe ourselves a treat.


Bon Apetite and ENJOY!

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Glad you enjoyed your 50.00 dinner. It helps

to think about yourself sometimes and splurge.

I am learning to try to enjoy my free time as much as possible

before I return to some work or training.

Take Care

lorrainelm cloud9.gif




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